4 Important Things to Know About Air Conditioning Systems

Mar 17th, 2016 | News

shutterstock_387047167A properly working air conditioning system is crucial for in-home comfort. Imagine going home to a house that’s just as hot and humid as the outdoors – nobody should have to experience that. If homeowners feel that their air conditioning systems aren’t working right or are in need of air conditioning maintenance, they shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for help. Air conditioning is important, and to keep units in tip-top shape, here are 4 important facts about air conditioning every homeowner should know.

The Filters Must Be Changed

If air conditioning filters aren’t changed, the energy efficiency of the unit can be drastically reduced. To prevent this from happening, homeowners should install a new filter or clean a washable one every month that air conditioning is used. To determine a filter’s effectiveness, check its minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher this number is, the better the filtration provided. However, a high number also means that more energy is required to pull air through the filter, so be mindful of energy costs.

They Can Be Programmed

Air conditioning systems don’t have to stay at the same temperature all of the time to be efficient. In fact, they probably shouldn’t be. Homeowners with central units can install programmable thermostats that allow them to set higher temperatures when they’re out of the house and cooler ones when they’re at home. Modern window units come with adjustable thermostats and built-in timers for easy temperature control. If none of those options are available with a homeowner’s current air conditioning system, an affordable timer can be picked up at most home improvement stores.

Parts of Them Shouldn’t Be Blocked

The compressor and condenser are two extremely important parts of a central air conditioning unit, and neither should ever be blocked. Both of these can usually be found on the outside of a house, near the foundation. As a rule, there should be about 24 inches of open space in all directions for the unit to work best. If homeowners notice that their units are blocked, they should remove the blockage – including any leaves, grass, bushes, or hanging branches.

Sometimes They Need Extra Help

Homeowners can extend the lives of their air conditioning units and prevent them from needing as many repairs by taking additional steps to keep their homes cool. Close the blinds and shades in the daytime to keep sun out. Install awnings on the home to shield the interior, especially on the south-side. Turn on floor or ceiling fans to better circulate cool air. All of these things can be extremely helpful for any air conditioner.

Learning More Facts About Air Conditioning

Don’t let an air conditioning system make a home uncomfortable because of lack of knowledge. For homeowners interested in learning more, it never hurts to do research. There are many resources available that are full of information for any curious homeowner.`