Carrier Air Conditioners

There may be many modern manufacturers of air conditioning equipment, but only one company can boast that they are named after the creator of the A/C. The Carrier company continues the work of Willis Carrier, the man who first created an air conditioner back in 1902. Harnessing the natural cooling power of evaporation helped created proper refrigeration and climate control as we know it today. The company was also among the first to start phasing out the use of refrigerants that could damage the ozone layer. Whether a shopper is looking for dozens of A/C units to cool off duplexes or one outdoor compressor for a residential home, Carrier has something for every situation.

Options for Every Occasion

Carrier Air Conditioner in Palm Beach County FlFor residential use, Carrier offers three main categories of cooling equipment to choose from. Each of the three comes with its own set of benefits and installation methods. If you’d like to speak with one of our specialists regarding these options, please call us today at 561-793-7497.

Split System Air Conditioners

In a split system air conditioner, the air conditioning is provided by both an outdoor compressor and an indoor delivery unit. These A/C systems offer better control over indoor humidity levels and help move hot air out for faster cooling. Carrier has three lines of split A/Cs available:

  • Comfort Series
  • This line is designed for budget-minded shoppers. Even the lowest model has a 15 SEER ranking, making it more efficient than the budget models offered by many other manufacturers.

  • Performance Series
  • Carrier manages to fit more power into a smaller footprint with this line. Noise levels also drop corresponding with the improvements in efficiency. SEER rankings start at 15 and go all the way to 18.

  • Infinity Series
  • For the very best control over your indoor environment and monthly bills, stick with the best from Carrier. The base Infinity model weighs in at 16.5 SEER, while the top of the list boasts a big 21 SEER rating and a 10 year limited warranty.

Ductless Air Conditioners

While split systems work differently than the traditional design used for A/C, they still require duct work to get the cool air to each room in the home. A ductless air conditioner is the way to go if your home lacks these ducts and you don’t want to wait for the extensive remodeling.

Carrier sells ductless options like:

  • Toshiba-Carrier Residential A/C
  • Enjoy the energy savings of a 23 SEER rating and heat when you need it in the winter.

  • Performance Residential A/C
  • Mix and match units to cool small and large rooms efficiently and independently.

Complete Packages

If you just want the basic air conditioning equipment in one package, hire Bradley Heating & Air Conditioning to install a kit from Carrier. From the basic Comfort Series 13 to the Infinity Series 16, you can get a classic cooling experience without worrying about designing zoned heating to effectively use a split or ductless system.

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