Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

Heating and cooling systems are typically quick and easy to maintain. To ensure that you’re systems are running efficiently, it is important to maintain proper maintenance regularly.  It does not matter what type of heating and cooling system you have, with a few tools and techniques you can keep any system at its peak performance.

The tools you will need to maintain your system include:

  1. Screwdrivers
  2. Flashlight
  3. Pliers
  4. Wrenches
  5. Hammer
  6. Level
  7. Rags
  8. Brushes
  9. Vacuum
  10. Newspaper

Your system may also require you to have the following which can be found at most home improvement or hardware stores:

  1. Motor oil
  2. Fan-belt dressing
  3. Refractory cement
  4. Duct tape

We typically find that when a heating and cooling system is malfunctioning, there are three things that are usually causing this. It is usually a heat or cold source, distribution system, or the thermostat. If your furnace or air conditioner is not running, then the malfunction is most likely at the source. This means that the unit may have lost power, fuel may blocked from the unit, the gas or oil may not be igniting, the unit turns on but the hot and cold air is not reaching your rooms, you could have a faulty thermostat. In any case these are usually simple problems that can easily be fixed with a little patience and some common sense.

Before you begin taking apart your heating and cooling system, try taking these steps:

  1. Assure the unit is getting power. Check for blown fuses or tripped circuits at the main entrance panel.
  2. If you have a rest button near the motor housing, wait 30 minutes and let the motor cool, then reset. If this does not work, wait another 30 minutes and try again. Still nothing, try at least one more time.
  3. If there is a separate power switch for your unit, double check that the switch is turned on.
  4. Double check that the thermostat is properly set. Try raising or lowering the temperature about 5 degrees.
  5. If your unit uses gas, make sure the gas supply is turned on and the pilot is lit. If it requires oil, make sure your oil supply is full or has oil.

These are some great tips for maintaining your heating and air conditioning systems. But, you must also make sure to be aware of certain safety matters while working on your unit.

If you are maintaining your system, assure that all the power to your system is turned off. An option is to trip the circuit breaker or remove the fuse that controls the power. If you are not sure which fuse shuts the power off, remove the main fuse to the entire house, this will certainly do the trick.

If your fuse blows or circuit trips repeatedly when you turn your system on, that means there is a problem with your electrical system. This will require a professional to fix your system.

If your system uses gas and you smell gas in your home, do not touch anything and get out of your home. Make sure to leave a door open and call the Gas Company or fire department immediately to report a leak. Stay out of your home until the problem is resolved.



For additional maintenance and cleaning tips check out our article on air duct cleaning. We are always interested in helping people with their heating and air conditioning systems, so if you have any questions or require our services, make sure to contact Bradley Heating & Air Conditioning today!